How does USPS COD Work?

Someone bought something from me on Ebay and we are doing a cash on delivery
How does it work and How do I catch my money
Also is there anything I should tell the buyer to do
Such as afford me cash or money order

Answers:    An individual is severely constrained in the ability to do COD through USPS. First item is that you need a statement from the addressee stating that they guarantee to accept the COD contained by the first place.

For an Ebay item, COD is about the worst thing you can do. USPS will fiddle with the payment of a COD in 2 different ways.

1) Addressee pays, within Cash, the amount requested by the COD as well as an additional amount to USPS for a Money Order, around $1. USPS after issues the Money Order in your name and sends it to you.

2) USPS allows the addressee to write a personal check for the amount owed for the COD, solely. There is no additional MO fee and the personal check is sent to you for disposition.

You can not specify a specific settlement method, it is up to the recipient as to how they wish to discharge.

If the buyer has cash to wages for the item on arrival, they also would have cash to buy a Money Order and transport it to you.

I can all but guarantee that you will lose your item and the money if you are foolish enough to try to convey COD. But, as I said, your Post Office should not even allow you to send it in the first place lacking that statement from your buyer.

Just ignore the other answer. Some people still do not realize that UPS and USPS are different entities.
Ups deliver, the person pays ups for the item. ups sends you a check.

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