What will I do at Orientation Mcdonalds?


I have been only just accepted by mcdonalds and I asked my manager on the phone when my location is and he said sometime next week but hasn't given a date, time or orientation so I'm really lost.

He said my first shift is subsequent tuesday but have ask for the time again as the phone had too much framework noise.

what is orientation approaching at McDonalds Australia?


Answers:    For a future reference, if you don't hear them on the phone due to setting noise, just read aloud, 'Sorry, I didn't hear you' - you won't sound stupid... however, you will look stupid if you don't know what time you're supposed to show up.

As for your question/s, orientation is plain simple. You rock up, they bestow you your uniform, and the next three hours you spend following your trainer around as they point things out.

Don't worry if you don't remember positive things, as most people will be happy to recount you where something is if you forget. Don't be afraid to ask.

For me personally, everything I needed be in e-mail correspondence with the Manager who hired me. If you own any e-mails like that, you should sift through them for relevant information.

Also, your first shift is usually orientation. All you really inevitability to do is get the correct time and date, and turn up. From there, they'll simply hold your hand.

(There is a website that lists your current roster, but I'm not sure if that's be set up yet - you should ring up and ask)

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